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New study: Inside the wage gap between boys and girls

According to a new study, there's a wage gap between boys and girls, with boys earning more allowance for less chores.

Boy with dollars Boys earn more allowance than girls, even though they do less chores. Credit: Colourbox

Today in depressing new studies, a survey released by the Junior Achievement found that though girls do more chores than boys, boys earn more allowance on average. As ThinkProgress reported, girls do two hours more housework than boys, but are given 15 percent more allowance from parents.

Another interesting tidbit that came out of the survey was that 43 percent of teen boys believe they will make more than $35,000 at their first job, while only 35 percent of teen girls share that belief. Perhaps because of their rather pessimistic views of money, teen girls are more likely than teen boys to apply for college scholarships, grants or seek out other methods of financial aid.


When looked at together, these findings show that boys and girls are treated differently in terms of work and payment from a young age, which affects their financial views well into the future.

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