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The secret to happiness apparently has little to do with money, doing good deeds, having a secure, romantic relationship or a job that you love. It's a lot simpler than that, if you are to believe a new Oxford University study. The researchers found that people who lived near a bar were "significantly happier" than those who don't.

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Full disclosure, the Campaign for Real Ale helped carry out the study, so it shouldn't come as a total surprise that the findings are in favor of drinking. The researchers studied residents of Oxfordshire, England and found that those who lived closest to a bar were far more social, and also had better social skills, than those who didn't. Considering that after a drink or two, most people feel more relaxed and have an easier time socializing, that isn't surprising either. What is interesting is that researchers also found that people who lived near a bar actually drank in moderation more.

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The reasons behind the happiness are common sense: Obviously if you live near a bar, it's easier to meet up with friends and hang out. And considering no one really calls each other anymore, this allows for more fun, lighthearted conversations. But the study also found that even talking to strangers makes in a bar setting makes people feel happier.

Considering these new findings, do you think it's enough to convince employers to let everyone out in time for happy hour?

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