It's not often that big fashion trends start in New York City, which is often seen as the safer, more commercial cousin to the haute capital of Paris. Yet two of the biggest trends in Paris during men's fashion week, just a few weeks ago, originated here: gender fluidity and athleticwear, thanks largely to the exploding cult label Hood By Air. As TV shows like Amazon's "Transparent" open up a dialogue about gender identity, and as consumers increasingly show that they want to wear sweatpants everywhere, expect these trends to snowball this year.

Risque Runways

Rick Owens caused a sensation when he showed penises on his January mens runway in Paris. That’s an easy way to getyour brand attention.



The most basic of pullovers makes a perfect blank canvas, or a cozy normcore staple. Take your pick.


Hood by Air’s equal-opportunity streetwear (and casting!), Baja East’s unisex sarongs, Givenchy’s sequinned, made-up dudes: Post-gender fashion is no longer some utopian sci-fi fantasy. It’s here!


Will flares finally make us ditch our skinny jeans? (Probably not, but that won’t stop designer from pushing them, particularly after Spring’s boho ‘70s trend.)

Rave Replaces Grunge

Goodbye, flannels; hello, neon. Marc by Marc Jacobs’ hit show last season made a case for bringing back ‘90s rave culture.

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