This should come as no surprise: Weddings are expensive. Between the basics (venue, food, entertainment, invitations) and all the Pinterest-inspired extras, you’re looking at a multi-thousand dollar bill. Tack on the usual inflated city costs of, well, everything and getting hitched at city hall never sounded so good.

But how much are we really talking? According to some calculations from Thumbtack, a matchmaker service for skilled pros and the people who want to hire them, the most expensive city in America to get married is New York, followed by Philadelphia. Boston trailed at 12th, but that ain’t great either.

A New York City wedding averages $16,077 — though that number includes such luxuries as a planning fee ($1,474) and a live band ($2,559). According to Thumbtack, flowers are the blame — as they’re “significantly more expensive in New York than in other cities,” averaging an $1,807 fee compared to $1,009 in Philly or $1,185 in Boston. (Weird enough, Cleveland, OH comes in eighth and estimates a $1,825 floral fee, while Rochester — 23rd — is a mere $429.)

Second place Philly says their cost of limo rentals ($635) is the highest of all cities on the list, while large expenses for catering ($5,009) and a band ($2,863) top out their average at $15,434. Boston ranks slightly better with a $13,028 price tag, thanks for a supposedly cheap-o wedding cake ($197 — a bargain!) and minimal decorating costs of $627.


Thumbtack culled their data from prices set by wedding service providers on their site — spanning more than 200,000 across multiple categories, not just matrimony — and estimate overall weddings expenses are up 20 percent from 2015.

The upside, forever is free. So that's something, right?

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