1. "The most fun I had this summer was just relaxing in my pool in our new CT weekend house this summer. It was just great to chill and getaway from the city. My version of swan lake!" — Christian Siriano

2. "We always escape mid year to Fiji and my favorite spot there is DolphinIsland (@dolphinislandfiji). Just me and my husband, no other guests,blue sky, thousands of palm trees, incredible home cooking by the gorgeousDawn who runs the show. What’s not to love?" — Karen Walker

3. "For my birthday in July, I spent the weekend in Harbour Island at Coral Sands Hotel. It's a charming place with the most gorgeous pink sand beaches and crystal clear water. We boated, swam, ate fresh seafood, caught up on reading, and totally relaxed. It was perfect."— Wes Gordon

4. "Organizing my shoes in my closet. It might not seem like a monumental task, but this was a big achievement for me (I'm a little obsessed with color order). Still a work in progress!"
— Marissa Webb


5. "I love going out east and getting out to Montauk with my family. Anytime spent at the beach with my family is my idea of perfect. My husband and I had a friends 35th birthday party which was 90's themed; I love dressing up!"— Rebecca Minkoff

6. "My husband and I recently purchased a house in upstate NY this summer which has been a long-time dream. It’s my favorite place to go to reset and relax on the weekends with the fam - to be in the woods and with nature."— Mara Hoffman

7. "I went back to Seoul to visit my family and traveled throughout South Korea – visiting different beaches and old temples and enjoying authentic Korean cuisine. I made time to stop by The Leeum, which is a museum located in Hannam-dong, and its architecture is the best out of all the galleries in Seoul."– Ji Oh

8. "Kicking off the summer with celebrating my birthday in Anguilla. No better way to celebrate getting older than on a boat with best friends.” — Jonathan Simkhai

9. "This summer I spent long weekends learning to sail with my family. We had such a lovely time spending quality time together and creating new memories."—Rebecca Taylor

10. "The most fun trip I took this summer was a trip from lago di como, Italy up to the Engadin valley, Switzerland" — Nicholas K

11. "I had to escape so I went out to the beach, off the coast of Vietnam alone. I needed calmness and tranquility, especially in preparation for this week. It was beautiful and the solitude helped me get excited and ready for all that's coming up." — Claudia Li

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