The fast pace of our busy (social media) lives means we don’t have a minute to call your own. But a new photo app aims to end that (literally): OneMinute sends you a once-a-day notification at a random time, alerting that you’ve got 60 seconds to take a single photograph. If you fail to snap before the minute has lapsed, you won’t get another chance till the next day. But if you’ve taken the pic, the app collects all the images captured by users worldwide then, resulting in a global smorgasbord of moments frozen in time across the planet. Alex Kwon, the San Francisco-based developer of the app (available for Android and iOS), wants to add an element of spontaneity into the photo-sharing experience.

What’s the idea behind OneMinute?

My team and I have spent a lot of time designing a care-free photo sharing experience that looks and feels different. You get only one minute to capture a ‘raw' slice of your everyday life and, in return, you get to enjoy a global feed of spontaneous moments.

Say, I didn’t see my photo notification. What happens next?


If people miss the OneMinute notification, they will lose the chance and they'll have to wait a day to be able to do it. We believe push-notification is a very effective way to notify users, but at the same time very sensitive since it can be quite intrusive.

Is your photo experience competing against selfies?

Selfie is a global trend, but OneMinute is less about people and more about the scene. Selfies are cool, but it’s better if you include what’s around you as the background.

The photos sent on OneMinute are anonymous. Why so?

Because with that you can capture a more honest reflection of your day. For example, we had a user submit a picture of toilet paper while he/she was, well, you know...

What else does the app offer?

It also allows the user to produce narrow horizontal photos because with smaller images, you care less about what you take a picture of. And you may also have 3 likes. For us, one like is boring, so you can give up to 3 likes per photo.

OneMinute is already a success. Are you planning more features to it?

We are now considering options around several 'additional' OneMinute notification methods (location based, etc.) for high-score users who clearly love receiving OneMinute’s.


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