Meet 'PancakeBot' Provided

Even if you're a grown up, I bet you enjoy having special pancakes for breakfast. So, what ifthere is a 3D printer, that makes baking easier and allows creating crêpes in any shape and design you want? PancakeBot is the name of your dream: a machine that uses a special software to prepare mass the way you're expecting. A Kickstarter project already raised sufficient amount of money, so the product will be available on markets in mid 2015, with a price tag of $299. Metro chats to Slim Geransar, member of the PancakeBot team.

And what kind of technology does it use to work?

It's a software that runs on Mac and PC, that allows you to simply trace any image to be printed. You can load your favorite design as a template then trace around it by using the software. The lines you trace first are the ones that get printed first, they are then cooked longer allowing them to be darker than the rest. So with most designs you would trace the outlines, then go back and fill it in. By using a combination of compressed air and a vacuum, the PancakeBot controls where the batter is dispensed.

Is it easy to use?


Yes, of course. It will be very easy to use. We intend the PancakeBot to be for both consumers and commercial use. Families can have fun with it at home while businesses such as cafes and restaurants can differentiate themselves from the competition and give customers a unique experience they will remember.

What is your purpose with this new gadget?

The intention is to inspire people to have fun, be creative and get involved with food and technology. The PancakeBot will pave way for inventors, and enthusiasts to come up with cool, creative and smart technologies that will really revolutionize the way we cook food.

And what have you heard from people about it?

People love the idea! They have even made great suggestions which we have listened and are trying to work out how to incorporate them into the machine.

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