From how not to raise a spoiled brat to how to have a knowledgable conversation with your teen about "Divergent," these three new releases provide a good cheatsheet to this whole parenting thing.

"The Kids Will Be Fine: Guilt-Free Motherhood for Thoroughly Modern Women" by Daisy Waugh

The Kids Will Be Fine "The Kids Will Be Fine" urges parents to give themselves a break.
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In this edition of "good enough parenting," humor writer for London's The Sunday Times, Daisy Waugh, pleas parents to take it easy on themselves. Through funny, yet informed essays, she argues that you don't have to pre-chew your toddler's food for him or her like Alicia Silverstone, spend thousands and thousands on the best preschool in your city or only feed your child organic food.The takeaway is that kids are pretty darnresilient and while of course you want to do what you can to help them grow into responsible, caring adults, you don't have to obsess over it.

"Permission to Parent: How To Raise Your Child With Love And Limits" by Robin Berman, MD

Permission to Parent "Permission to Parent" is out now.
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If you want to give your child everything their little heart desires without turning them into a spoiled brat, this is the parenting guidebook for you. Psychiatrist Robin Berman, MD advises parents how to strike a healthy balance between giving excessive praise or catering to a child's every need and being too neglectful or dismissive. Berman stresses the importance of a strong parent-child bond, which helps build emotional security, and outlines how to create this bond without being too smothering.

"Her Next Chapter" by Lori Day

Her Next Chapter Start a mother-daughter book club with "Her Next Chapter."
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This is a great book to spark some dialogueabout real issues teen girls face, using popular media as the conversation starter. Author Lori Day offers up movies and books to watch and read with your daughter, plus includes some questions about things that matter, like gender stereotypes, sexism, bullying and relationships. Expect a mix of buzz-y books and movies you'll both be excited to get into.

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