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Busy parents can now get baby food delivered

Parents with a hungry tot can now get baby food delivered. Parents with a hungry tot can now get baby food delivered.
Credit: Getty Images

Is there anything New Yorkers value more than takeout? A new delivery service is letting babies in on the city's favorite indulgence.

Shoogies NYC specializes in delivering baby food straight to parents. Ordering is as simple as Seamless. The site, ShoogiesNYC.com,has specialized menus based on a child's age, and color photos are included of everything on the menu. Just add what you want to your basket and head to checkout.

All the baby food is organic with no artificial ingredients added. There are also options for kids allergic to dairy, eggs, soy, gluten or nuts.


Founder Shari Pessah says she was prompted to start Shoogies when she couldn't find enough nutritious, enjoyable meals at the supermarket for her niece. She worked with a nutrition specialist to create her line of baby food.

So rest assured, if your tot gets a late-night craving for spinach grilled cheese, help is on the way.

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