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New awesome kids' line has dresses with dinosaurs, trains and more

When two moms couldn't find little girls' dresses with dinosaurs on them, they created their own line.
Princess Awesome

A look from the Princess Awesome line.

Princess Awesome

Little girl clothes with rainbows, tulle and sparkles are lots of fun. But sometimes, a girl just wants to wear a cool dress with a dinosaur print on it with some combat boots, you know? Moms Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair started a Kickstarter campaign to launch their business, Princess Awesome, and ever since, they've been consistently selling out of their printed dresses, which can be purchased through their site. There is a definite demand for more clothes like these!

Besides dinosaurs, some of the other prints include the pi symbol, trains, periodic table, pirates and robots. Pretty cool!

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