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Parents of conjoined twins grapple with big decision

A Pennsylvania couple and parents of conjoined twins decides whether or not to separate them.

Conjoined twins "I'm thankful they were able to survive this long, and they're still going strong," father Kody Stancombe, told CNN affiliate WTAE. Credit: CNN

It's something no new parents can imagine having to face: giving birth to conjoined twins. The questions are endless and the decisions are tough. It's something one Pennsylvania couple is facing right now. Michelle Van Horne gave birth to two baby boys early this month, who share a liver and a heart.

Sharing a heart makes separating them virtually impossible, as it has never been done successfully. But if not separated, the twins only have a 25 percent survival rate, according to CNN.


After spending the past two weeks meeting with doctors and deliberating over the best option for their children, the couple has decided not to separate them. "They were born together, so they can stay together," Van Horne local Pittsburgh TV station, WTAE-TV.

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