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Parents reveal shocking secrets

What would yours be?

"Parenting Confessional" Tumblr creator Julia Fierro is the author of "Cutting Teeth" Credit: Natalie Brasington Parenting Confessional Tumblr creator Julia Fierro is the author of "Cutting Teeth."
Credit: Natalie Brasington

Brooklyn mom Julia Fierro knows what you're thinking. As the creator of the Tumblr Parenting Confessionalshe's been privy to the inner thoughts of parents who wouldn't dare to say what they're thinking out loud, only willing to reveal their secrets anonymously. She's also the author of the new novel, "Cutting Teeth," about a group of couples who go on vacation together, carting their young kids along too. Of course these couples have secrets of their own.

Timed with the novel's release, Fierro started the Tumblr as a way for parents to share their parenting fears without fear of being judged. Some of the confessions are poignant, some are funny and some are sad. Here are just a sampling of the confessions:


"I often fall asleep with my daughter while putting her to bed so I don't have to talk to or sleep with my husband."

"I love my daughter, but it burns my soul that she isn't smart."

"Now I get why some animals eat their young."

"When my son is naughty, I threaten to phone The Doctor ('Doctor Who') or Sherlock Holmes. He's three."

"I'm the grandmother of eight. I adore five of them. I think two of them are little snots. I wish one of them wasn't even related to me."

"My 6-year-old daughter has stolen my husband. he pays more attention to her than to me or our 13-year-old son. And I was the one who couldn't wait to have a little girl."

"I have a tendency to bad mouth my ex-husband within earshot of my 4-year-old. This week while he was with his dad, my son told him, 'you're worthless.' I chastised him but was secretly proud."

"I snort my son's Ritalin."

"I love my children more than my wife. But it hurts me she loves the children more than me."

"I'm raising an a--hole."

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