Get cozy with a papal plush doll, sold at Open House. “One person bought five for her family,” says Joelle Long, manager of the Midtown Village boutique. “We’re trying to stay as stocked as possible.” If they run out before you get there, go for the pope bobblehead instead, or the "solar pope" figurine that waves when put in the sun.
Plush doll, $22
Open House, 107 S. 13th St.

Even if you can’t get close enough to see the pope, he can still join you for breakfast. The Pope Toaster comes with inserts that brand Pope Francis’s face or the message “spread the love” onto your bread. (Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin inserts are also available for your toasting enjoyment.)
Toaster, $48.95
Toast the Pope,


Put the pumpkin spice Yankee jars on a back shelf and proudly display this Frankincense, myrrh, ginger and rosemary scented candle with a label showing Pope Francis and the Philadelphia skyline. It’s also available draped with a rosary made by jewelry artist Valerie Velvet.
Candle, $20; with rosary, $40
Jeri’s Curio , 1726 E. Passyunk Ave.


The new artistic medium for a portrait of il Papa is fresh mozzarella. “I was looking at his picture over and over again,” says artist Larry Buss of Medusa Pots on building a cheese mold in the pope’s likeness. “He’s a very grandfatherly figure and looks like a delightful character.”
Cheese, $20
Pastificio Homemade Pasta Co. , 1528 Packer Ave.


Put the pope on your wall with a print from Todd Kimmell of the Grand Review and Oslo,Norway–based artist Fred Lammers. “The T-shirts and that sort of thing — they’ll come and go. “This will really bring a smile 10 or 20 years from now,” says Kimmell.
Print, $40 (additional prints available, from $20)
The Grand Review,

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