No matter how lame your cheap-date weekend of Netflix and box wine might be, know this — it could be worse. Much worse.


Pamela Anderson — who, unlike us, actually had real money in the not-too-distant past — will be spending her Saturday afternoon at suburban Rite Aids (640 Montgomery Ave. and 195 W. Lancaster Ave., if you really must know) hawking her new perfume.


The scents, Malibu (Blue) and Malibu Night (Pink) supposedly “were inspired by natural fragrances that embody the free spirit, playful and passionate side of Anderson, and are sure to evoke the same traits in its customers.”


As there’s no shortage of cheap blond hair and cheaper halter tops in Philly, we’re going to pass. And assume this means that poor Pam no longer has one stripper shoe straddling the C-list.


– Today’s Word was written by Monica Weymouth