When the MSPCA came to Metro about showcasing some of the cats they have up for adoption we told them we weren't sure if that was the the sort of thing people on the Internet were interested in. (They thought we were being serious for a second and then it was awkward.)

So here they are, folks! If you like the way these cats look, why not head over to the MSPCA website to learn some more about them, and maybe even work up the courage to contact them! Yes, this is basically a cat version of OKCupid. Here we go:

Manny, male, 1 year old

The perfect cat-next-door, Manny is "friendly and playful [and] full of energy." He'd be so great with kids!

Flaka, female (spayed), 9 years old

A true diamond in the rough, Flaka is "shy at first, but affectionate once she gets to know you!"

Trevor, male, 1 year old

What a dreamy stare! Trevor's led a hard life, but he's come out the other end stronger and happier; "his foster mom describes him as the most affectionate kitten she has ever had." A note to those with nurturing instincts: Trevor has a heart condition that requires inexpensive medication.

Havoc, male (neutered), 4 years old

Don't let the bad-boy name fool you, Havoc is "the most mellow, calm, nice kitty there ever was." Plus, he's apparently got a way with the ladies. (He loves belly rubs, hint hint.)

Mia, female (spayed), 1 year old

Interested in a mature single mom? Then check out Mia! Her kids have all flown the nest and now she's looking for a good home. MSPCA staff says she's "sweet, easy-going and [she] loves people," though they worry about her hearing.

Ginger, female

Prefer redheads? Why not take Ginger for a ride? She a chill cat who's up for anything -- including playing with dogs!

Sally, female, 8 years old

If you're looking for a fun-time party girl who doesn't have super-high standards -- "if there is an open lap she will most likely fill it" -- Sally is the cat for you. Look out though, she's a little bit of a princess! She loves to "lounge in the sun of watch you make dinner ... [she] definitely wants to be the only cat in the house so she will get all the kitty massages." (Photo by Creative Photography.)

Sophie, female (spayed), 8 years old

Sophie's a quiet, settled-down kitty who's equally comfortable chilling on the couch or playing with a cuddly blanket. Though she's not a huge fan of kids, Sophes "would be a wonderful companion to another mellow cat or to a person or couple looking to brighten up their home with a wide eyed, loving, Tabby!"

Manny, male (neutered), 1 year old

Want to share your home with a relaxed, cool guy? Then bring home Manny, a total dude's dude-cat. He's "full of energy and needs to burn it off!"

Which is your favorite?