Trying to figure out Lindsay Lohan’s many infractions is like trying to remember all the names of the Duggar children: It’s too many to count.

Yesterday the actress got into even more trouble while at her progress report hearing in Los Angeles, Calif. Judge Stephanie Sautner scoffed at the lack of hours put into her court ordered community service and suspended her probation.

Her bail was set at $100,000 (which Lohan quickly paid) and to add insult to injury, she was handcuffed before she was taken into custody. Judge Sautner ordered Lohan to perform 16 hours a week of community service at the L.A. County Morgue where she will be cleaning tables where autopsies are performed, reports TMZ. She’ll also be doing basic custodial duties like sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, and will be on trash duty.

Lohan appeared at the courtroom in a stunning white Fendi dress, gold stilettos, and terrible make-up. Although the judge was harsh in her verdict, the jury is still out on just what was going on with Lohan’s face. Was she trying to even out what looks like a bruise on her right cheek and temple or was the application just another travesty of justice for the actress.


Oh, and to just to help refresh your memory, Lohan’s current legal problems stem from her 2007 drunk-driving conviction, as well as a jewelry theft conviction earlier this year.

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