Is this the Apple iWatch? Credit: YouTube iWatch, leaked photo, gif, iWatch design features, Is this the Apple iWatch? Credit: YouTube

There's a chance Apple will announce several new products in their lineup including the iPhone 6 and possibly the iWatch - a wearable device for your wrist.

There have been plenty of speculation around the Web surrounding the look and design of Apple's new gadgets and it's always fun to see what the rumor mill churns out whenever there's a new Apple release.


Here is a list of the most popular concepts and leaked images of the iWatch.

The band look

iWatch rendering Will it look like a GPS athletic device? Credit: Reddit


iWatch Apple stylish functional, leather band At least this design has a little style. Credit: Imgur

A cuff

apple iWatch cuff design, leaked image A cuff?

Curve iPhone with leather band

iWatch curved design leather This design looks like a curved iPhone with a leather band.

iWatch with round face

iPhone iWatch with round face and leather band Will the iWatch have a round face and leather band?

High tech approach

Hi tech iWatch gadget look

Stay tuned to find out what the Apple iWatch will look like.

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