Piece of the World The world is now for sale, piece by piece. Claim your land and own it forever or give it away as a fun or romantic gift.

Flowers. Chocolates. Massages. Sure, you can go the typical route this Valentine's Day but why? Especially when you can get your Valentine a piece of the world.

A new website, www.pieceoftheworld, lets you virtually "purchase" your most romantic spot — and leave a sweet note — for your loved one. Think of the possibilities: Your honeymoon hotel, your favorite vacation spot, the bar where you first met, your dream house — all are up for grabs and all will induce an "awwww" from your Valentine.

According to Per-Ola Röst, who is part owner of the site, the idea originated from the International Star Registry, where people can purchase and name a star. "The star registry is fun but it lacks an attachment to the world," he notes. With Piece of the World, you can upload a picture and write a description in order to tell the world the story why the spot you claimed is so special.


Prices vary depending on what you want to buy (special spots like the EiffelTower, New York's Grand Central Station, or The Opera House in Sydney Harbour can go for more) but most will only set you back $9.90. So what are you waiting for? Get clicking. Your Valentine will thank you.

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