Should you invest in that $500 brass lamp? Will everyone still be on a kale kick? Is it time to update those wooden shelves? We’re about to find out. Around this time, just about every publication, blog and site puts out their End-of-Year and Best-Of 2014 lists — not Pinterest. The visual mood board is looking ahead. They’ve analyzed trending Pins and stalked the boards of their most influential Pinners, as well as gotten feed-back from their veteran employees, to come up with 100 design predictions for the new year. We've highlighted a few below. Click here to see the 100 trends you need to get behind.

Move over kale — 2015 is the year cauliflower will get it’s chance in the spotlight.

Drift board shelves, yes please. DIY wood projects are going strong.

Plain white t-shirt and sneakers forever. Normcore is still a thing.


Rugs are crazy expensive. This year, stencil one instead.

Drink your veggies.

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