If ever I had a chance at convincing my 97-year-old grandmother to come live in New York City, it would be with the wall to ceiling purple pad at 200 E. 57th St. This listing is as brazen with its interior paint job as last week’s Palazzo Chupi is with its exterior. But if not the palatial digs for a grandmother, then this is the dream home for a charmed 8-year-old girl along with all of her Barbie dolls.


While 200 E. 57th St. isn’t exactly a mansion there is something plum about the living space. The luxury co-op has two notable bedrooms with huge walk-in closets and two bathrooms, and the entire space is 1,150 square feet which is pretty generous considering the low price — by Real Estate Voyeur standards — of $895,000. And while I wasn’t privy to info on who the owner of this prissy princess pad is, a little digging indicates that it’s a Bernie Madoff victim. Guess purple wasn’t the only bad decision.


– Shira Levine is a freelance writer living in New York City.


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