The selfie stick, aka ‘wand of narcissism’, is increasingly outlawed from museums and tourist sites, but an alternative camera device appears to “adhere” to the unwritten rules of photo-taking politeness. Podo is a wireless 8 megapixel camera that selfie fans can stick onto cement, glass, wood or any surface, meaning you won’t be restricted by the length of your arm to take your picture. Funded four times over on Kickstarter, the device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to preview the photo from your phone before you take it. Podo’s price is set at $89 and the prevision is to deliver the product to a number of countries later this year.

Eddie Lee, co-founder and president at the San Francisco-based Podo Labs, explains to Metro how the gizmo operates.

I take it the worldwide obsession with selfies inspired Podo?

We all love to take photos, but we have been limited by what our phones can do. Specifically, whoever is holding the phone usually gets left out of the photograph. We wanted a small and easy-to-use camera that was very good at being a camera, but also had the connectivity capabilities of the phone.


Are you trying to outrival the selfie stick?

Well, with Podo you don’t have to get your outstretched arm or a big stick in the picture, right? And if you use a tripod, you have to run back for a timer and can’t see what you look like right before you take the picture. With Podo, everything saves on your phone so you can upload your photo online right away.

Can Podo really be stuck on any surface?

It works best on smooth, solid surfaces like glass, smooth wood, or painted walls.

But won’t the device help continue our ‘narcissism’ with self-portraits?

Hopefully it’ll make it easier to get the photo people want so they don’t have to spend more time trying over and over again to take the “perfect selfie”.