Pour yourself a cold one

<p>Iced coffee season is here, but this habit is even more expensive than hot java.</p>


Jessica Bertin, the general manager and “iced coffee queen” of Joe in New York (www.joetheartofcoffee.com) shows us how to be an iced coffee barista at home.

1. Get great coffee from a roaster you trust. Bertin likes Intelligentsia, Echo, Counter Culture and Stumptown. Whole Foods also carries some great choices such as Gorilla coffee, Grumpy and Ritual.


2. Get good water.

“This depends on your palate. If you like the taste of your tap water then you’ll like it in your coffee, but if you don’t it’s not going to do anything for your cup,” says Bertin, who prefers tap herself.


3. Brew your coffee double strength.

Proportions for a standard cup is two tablespoons, which is equivalent to one standard scoop, or 10 grams of coffee per six ounces of water.


4. Put two ounces of cold water on top of the brew.

5. Pour over ice.

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