worst christmas ever These are tweets from people who are not actually having the worst Christmas ever.
Credit: Twitter


People looking forward to seeing what the spoiled brats of Twitter and Instagram had to complain about on Christmas this year were sorely disappointed. The hashtags #ihatemyparents and #worstchristmasever went viral last year after teenagers and other generally ungrateful people with social media accounts aired their grievances on Christmas Day. Tweets last year were mostly, "I asked my parents for this, and they gave me a slightly cheaper version or in a color I didn't want #worstchristmasever."


Unfortunately, social media watchers were so excited to see the complaints this year that many people decided to post mock tweets complaining about Lamborghinis in the wrong color or receiving an iPhone 5C in gold instead of silver (the problem is the 5C does not come in gold - busted!).





This is actually ruining Christmas for those who were waiting all year to read the tweets.



A couple of people did have legitimate complaints about Christmas this year, though - mainly food-related gripes.



Oof. Pork-free tamales? That does sound like a terrible Christmas.