Quincy College Ranked #1

According to data from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard,Quincy College students ranked #1 as top salary earners in Massachusetts andNew England across two-year public colleges.

What does this #1 ranking mean to you?

In as little as two years at Quincy College, you can learn more to earn more.Quincy College delivers the highest return on your education investment acrosstwo-year public colleges in Massachusetts and the entire New England region.Their programs are designed to provide you with skills and training to enter theworkforce or pursue advanced degrees.


The U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard data reveals the successfuloutcomes of Quincy College students. At Quincy College, you will find all theresources you need to have a rewarding college experience.

Summer at Quincy College. Breeze into Fall.

Quincy College can get you where you need to be, whether you’re looking to earna degree, take a single class, continue your education or changeyour career. Quincy College offers the programs you want, theflexibility you need and the price that makes it all possible.

Easy to Get Started

Applying to Quincy College is easy. Anyone with a high school diplomaor GED/HiSET may enroll. Fill out an Application online andreceive a username and password to get started on your path – to
a certificate, a degree, or a profession. Flexible semesters beginthroughout the year on two convenient campus locations – Quincyand Plymouth - and online.

Apply now: www.quincycollege.edu

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