Superstar slugger Manny Ramirez is ready to leave Boston behind for good.


The former Red Sox hitter is “serious” about selling his Ritz-Carlton penthouse and dropped the price from $8.5 million to $7.9 million, according to his new real estate broker.


“The family is very serious about selling now. We are doing an unbelievable marketing campaign. It is one of the five most fabulous apartments in Boston,” said Carmella Laurella, a realtor from Otis & Ahearn who was hired by Ramirez last month after ditching two other realtors who failed to move the property.


The unit has breathtaking views of the city, floor-to-ceiling windows, five-and-a-half baths, four bedrooms and a mini Fenway Park erected in the kids’ room, including a Green Monster and bleachers. The condo, located on the 37th floor, is a whopping 4,421 square feet and has a chef’s kitchen, a palatial master suite with two bathrooms and a marble foyer. Ramirez has taken it on and off the market a few times since 2003. The first time he received three offers but refused because his baseball plans were not finalized, said Laurella. He left Boston in 2008 after signing a deal with the LA Dodgers.


In the past three weeks, there have been three showings. Laurella is advertising the unit near and far including The New York Times, London Times and The Boston Globe.