If you’re a fan of Alton Brown, as I am, you know his rule about uni-taskers: The only thing in your kitchen that only performs one function should be the fire extinguisher. I’ve even seen Brown use a power drill to core apples on his Food Network show Good Eats. Your power drill just got even handier and is bringing multi-tasking to the bedroom with Drilldo.


Drilldo gets the job done” is the motto, and although I haven’t tried it personally, a representative from the company gave me a little demo at the Sex Expo in Brooklyn.



The Drilldo has its own special bit that vacuum seals a dildo to the power drill. Turn it on and it’s off to the races! Don’t have a drill? Some of the Drilldo kits include a power drill… and construction vest, in case, ya know, roleplaying happens. (The handsome handyman [or sexy handyWOMAN] porn set up is a classic.)


To check out Drilldo’s products (power drills, bits and a variety of attachments), hit up the website.

Now, who in the world thought, “I’m going to stick this dildo on my power drill and insert it in my [fill in hole here… no pun intended]?”                             

Someone at Adventure Industries, a well-known manufacturer in the adult industry, did. (Adventure Industries is also responsible for The Rabbit Company.)

“For a long time, people have made the association between drill and dildo,” Drilldo’s marketing director Anthony Pingicer told us. “It was only a matter of time until someone messing around with sex toys would try to attach a dildo to a drill. Social media is filled with videos and images of people putting dildos on drills and seeing what happens. We just took it a step further by branding the experience, doing the research, making it actually safe to do, and bringing it to market.”

If you’re thinking, “Holy hell, I would not still a power tool in my fatooch,” that’s cool; the company is mainly targeting certain audiences like the gay community and the fetish or BDSM communities.

“At the Sex Expo, we had a good number of [dominatrices] express interest in Drilldo, saying how it would be great for their submissives,” he added.

And for the more vanilla world?

“Most reactions from the typical pleasure product buyer are of that ilk,” he explained. “They see it in action but want no part of trying it.

“Most ask if there is a version that thrusts in and out instead of spinning around. And yes, there is. The Drilldo Thrust mimics the motion of a Sawzall, moving in and out. That new collection will be released later this year.”

Sounds like we’ll need to build a tool bench in the garage.