Snowballs of glory

Michigan Technological University vs. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Back in 2006, Michigan Tech hosted the Guinness Book of World Records plaque for “World’s Largest Snowball Fight” thanks to 3,784 hurlers. But Wisconsin undergrad Mike Bassak attempted to bring the plaque to Madison in 2009, creating a flash-mob fight through the magic of Facebook. While over 4,000 joined the Facebook group, fewer than 2,000 turned out. Taebek City, South Korea, now holds the title with 5,387 participants.

Ultimate chess grudge match

University of Maryland-Baltimore County vs. University of Texas-Dallas
The Pan American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championship is the ultimate honor for college chess clubs. Either UMBC or UTD have won every year since 1998 — sometimes as co-champions. 2010 got off to a flying start for UMBC, as they took home the Final Four of Chess title. But UTD showed everybody what Texas is made of when they raised the more prestigious Pan-Am just three weeks ago. Maryland-Baltimore and Texas-Dallas next plan to go toe-to-toe at the 2011 Final Four.

Who was the first?

Washington College has long touted their standing as the first college in the U.S. But 11 years ago, Dickinson began declaring themselves the first.
It breaks down like this: In 1782, Washington was the first college chartered after the Declaration of Independence. Dickinson was chartered in 1783 — the first after the Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War.