Even though their every move will be scrutinised, the Cambridges will try and raise their daughter with the strongest possible sense of normality, Royal family expert Antoine Michelland tells Metro. Antoine Michelland is senior reporter for royal and society weekly magazine “Point de Vue”.

What life will this little princess have?

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge have always made it very clear they want to raise their children in as much normality as possible, considering these children are and will be under constant media attention. Someday, eventually, her brother will be king, and she is the first princess born from a successor to the throne since Princess Anne in 1950, so she will certainly draw a lot of attention. After a few days in Kensington Palace, the Cambridges are said to plan on settling down in Anmer Hall, the royal couple’s new home on the Queen's Sandringham Estate. The Cambridges want their children to live an early childhood in the countryside, away from the media and from royal obligations.

What kind of parents will Kate and William be to their daughter?


Kate and William are really hands-on parents. Kate’s own parents were already very present with her when she was a kid. This is something she remembers and wants to reproduce with her own children. William also loved the family spirit and closeness he found in his in-laws. He was himself the center of attention of both his mother and father, but Charles and Diana didn’t get along so well and he suffered from the tension inside their marriage. Creating a very close and united family is something Kate and Will both had at heart.

Do you think Kate will pay extra attention to the little girl’s look?

Of course! And if she doesn’t pay enough attention to her daughter’s appearance, the British media will be quick to remind her the standard she needs to keep. Considering the amount of press Prince George’s outfits get, there is no way she can give it a miss. There is no doubt this princess will be a fashion victim – or rather a fashion icon!

Do you think she will be as scrutinised as Baby George?

I think it will be different with her, but with the same intensity, precisely because she is a girl. Had it been another boy, he probably wouldn’t have gathered as much interest as his big brother. A little girl is novelty. There is little chance she might become queen one day - she is fourth in the line of the throne - so she isn’t as important when it comes to the monarchy. But in the gloomy context of the moment, this princess will be a nice and cute distraction. She represents a breathe of fresh air, a new hope.

Her name should be announced very soon. What do you think of Alice, Charlotte and other predicted names?

I tend to rely on the bookies, so Alice seems a really good candidate. It would make total sense as it is the name of the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh, who was a remarkable and brave woman, with a very strong personality. Elizabeth is in the inside track too, for obvious reasons, but also because it’s Kate’s middle name. The Queen will become the longest ever reigning British monarch on September 9th so it’s a very important year for her. Charlotte would be a nice tribute to Prince Charles, who couldn’t hide his desire for a little granddaughter. Diana seems possible as a middle name but would be surprising as a first name. William has shown on several occasions how important his mother was for him but I could hardly see him giving his daughter her name.

Kate was in pink for her last official appearance. The Duke and Duchess had pastries wrapped in pink ribbon delivered for the people waiting in front of the Lindo Wing. Were they being cheeky and giving clues to the watchers?

Maybe! Kate said that she didn’t the sex of the baby, but I think she said it so people would stop asking. I’m convinced she has known for a while as the baby’s room in Anmer Hall is said to be have been done in pink. I could really see them giving clues; they handle their communication really cleverly.

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