If there's one thing we need more of in the world, it's pictures of the insides of food. Luckily, blog champion Scandybars has us covered, with tons of hi-res images of the insides of candy bars!


Obviously many of them look the same -- candy bar manufacturers are not known for their iconoclastic tastes -- but there are key differences. Let's explore our favorites and see!


Three Musketeers Milky Way (U.S.) vs. Mars Bar (U.K.)



Both Three Musketeers Milky Way and a British Mars Bar are made of nougat, caramel and chocolate, but they are not the same! Befitting our respective natures, the American candy is fun, free and has a devil-may-care attitude, while the British bar is polite and orderly and would probably even apologize to you while you were eating it.


Mounds kind of looks like an alien monster spewing maggots! Delicious!

Take 5

What kind of unholy mess is going on here?

Oh, Henry!

Jesus, Henry, you look like a Rorschach test.

Kit Kat White Creme

This belongs on a Bee-Gees album cover.

Kinder Bueno

Fact: Kinder is the best candy bar there is and so we have no qualms about awarding it our Most Tastiest-Looking Insides prize.

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