Tattoo artist works on customer.

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The new bill passed by Governor Cuomo will require tattoo and body piercing studios to adopt safer procedures.

The new law, effective in 120 days, will prevent the spread of infectious diseases, especially Hepatitis C. Before the tattoo artists and body piercing specialists had no responsibility over the type of materials they used. Now, they must throw away needles after every use.

Specifically, the tattoo or body piercing specialist has to now present the single-use materials, the needles and ink, to the client and open the materials in front of that person from its sealed, sterile package. The client will then have to sign a consent form that the specialist obeyed the law and used clean materials.

"Reusing tattooing or piercing needles poses potentially serious and life threatening health risks,” Governor Cuomo said. “This new law is an important step toward preventing the spread of infectious diseases and in holding accountable those who don’t take the proper precautions," stated Governor Cuomo.

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