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Name: Bora Hong
Occupation: Designer for Tory Burch
What she's wearing: "I'm wearing a vintage jacket, a Stella McCartney dress, Marni shoes, H&M trousers, and the bag is by Celine."

Name: Amber Atherton


MOD_W8_Leila Kashanipour_jpg 2

Name:Leila Kashanipour
Occupation: Jewellery designer
What she's wearing: "I'm wearing a Celine jacket, a Chanel bag, a Kenzo sweatshirt, a Maje shirt, Church's shoes, LeiVanKash Jewellery and ASOS pants."Her style: "I like to give my look a bit of an edge."

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Name: Soraya Bakhtiar
Occupation: Blogger
What she's wearing: "I'm wearing an Isabel Marant coat, Balenciaga leggings and shoes, a Uniqlo top, an ASOS turban and the bag is by Chanel."

Her style influences: "I take inspiration from the runways and street style."

MOD_W8_Marianne Theodorsen_ 2

Name: Marianne Theodorsen
Occupation: The Style Devil

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