Though it’s been reported that Kim Kardashian insured her butt for $21 million, injuring our own body parts can cost a lot of money.


With this in mind and the state of the health care system, Coyne College developed an interactive to “help people grasp the magnitude of costs involved in treating the human body, one part at a time.”


The interactive allows users to click on body parts tosee what the most common issues are, how much they cost and what the most expensive procedure could be, according to the school’s description.


For example, when it comes to the arm the most common injury is a broken arm, which results in $3.5 to $4.4 million in ER visits annually. For the insured, that would be a cost of $196.20, and $653.99 for the uninsured. But if you need an elbow replacement, the most expensive procedure for the arm, itwill cost a $21,155.