Back-to-school shopping is now easier with / Getty Images. Back-to-school shopping is now easier with / Getty Images.


Now you don’t have to log off Facebook or Twitter, get out of bed, or even drive over the nearest school supply store for your back-to-school shopping.


In fact, social media can lead the way to choosing school supplies with the new site, online community uses social media to help you find products, read and write reviews and acquire rewards matched to your interests.


Each product receives a letter grade based in other members’ reviews and tries to highlight the biggest trends in back-to-school shopping. can be used by children or parents as a tool to discover exactly what all the other kids at school will have with them — without having to leave your house.

By using the site, “influence” becomes a currency by allowing members to earn rewards by posting reviews and using the website’s various functions. By obtaining influence currency, members have the opportunity to receive free products, discounts and deals.So, if cash is short then you can bank some influence for your child's back-to-school supplies.

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