What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Certainly not crying and eating bread by yourself on the floor? Yet, according to a public Facebook event, more than 38,000 people are willing to do so. “Crying and Eating Bread by Yourself on the Floor”, created by Sam Foran, a senior at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, is just one of the hundreds of bizarre fake happenings, garnering oodles of likes and signups over social media. Now, on Facebook you can stumble upon “Eat flamin hot cheetos till you see god,” “Pet every single dog” or even “Get beat up by ur friends for attending fake fb events.” Sam Foran tells Metro that the new phenomenon of fake social media events “distracts people from any stress they are dealing with in personal lives.”

Q: Why have you created the event “Crying and Eating Bread by Yourself on the Floor”?

– I saw some other fake events come up on my newsfeed, as one of my roommates was interested in going to some of them. After one sleepless night I thought I would make my own as a sad joke meant for my friends.


Q: Now, more than 38,000 are interested in attending the event. What do you think has made this so appealing?


– I think people are attracted because it distracts them from any stress that they are dealing with in their personal lives. It makes people laugh.

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Q: You saw other fake events on Facebook. What’s the difference between them?

– I think my event is the most popular, I don't really know why. I guess nothing brings people together like crying and carbs.

Q: What are you going to do with your newly-found popularity?

– I thought of making it into a sort of charity drive. I have a campaign page with the organization Action Against Hunger. We are urging everyone in the event to donate a dollar.

Q: You’ve got plenty of people’s attention, so why not create a real event?

– I didn't create a real event because I'm not much of a host. I really do prefer being by myself and doing my own thing, as it says in the event description: “I like crying. I like eating bread. I like being by myself. I like lying on the floor. I thought I would combine all four into one epic night of self-pity and regret."

Q: What's next?

– I don't know. I don't think I'll be making another event any time soon.

Q: Why not?

– Right now I have to focus on my school work. We are starting final exams. Also, I don't really know how to follow up crying and eating bread by yourself on the floor.

– ByDmitry Belyaev

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