Valentine’s Day dread is out — first dates with Cupid are in. According to a new Zoosk study, 75 percent of singles would be more likely to say yes to a first date on Valentine’s Day.

This is a major shift from years past. When I first started helping singles date online in 2009, they tended to avoid logging into their dating accounts for the entire week. But with apps, people aren’t afraid to meet on a whim (or on a holiday). So even though Valentine’s Day is near, keep swiping!

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When you’re meeting for the first time on Valentine’s, planning is the most important detail. Not because you need a fancy reservation, but quite the opposite — you want to ensure things purposefully stay casual. Here are my do’s and don’ts to help your first date on the 14th turn into a second one later in the week.


Go on a day date. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, make daytime plans. You won’t run into as many couples during the day… and it’s less likely you’ll encounter someone else’s proposal.

Do an activity together. Counteract the seriousness of the holiday by doing something fun together, like trivia night or karaoke. It will be more spontaneous, even if you planned it a few days in advance.

Gag gifts only, please. Treat a first date on Valentine’s like any other first date — no gifts or flowers. Unless of course, you’re bringing something funny to break the ice, like a grade school-style Valentine.

Don’t force a connection. A first date on Valentine’s Day may be a meet-cute, but don’t create unrealistic expectations. Since your date falls on the Hallmark holiday, you may find yourself more hopeful that things will work out. Sometimes, when my clients get overly excited about a match, they don’t end up happy with the date because they went in with expectations. So when you walk out the door, remember that ultimately, Valentine’s is just another day.

Laurie Davis is the founder ofeFlirt, an online dating concierge service, and the best-selling author of "​Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating."

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