Like the LBD, rosé has become a fixture in the fashion world.

So it’s no surprise that Chandon enlisted a fashion designer to create the look for its limited-edition pink bubbly. Enter: Carol Lim. The co-founder of beloved New York City concept store Opening Ceremony and co-creative force behind Parisian label Kenzo covered the bottle in a groovy print of sunglasses-clad women titled “Girl Talk.”

We gab with Lim about the importance of grabbing a drink with your bestie, and how her husband trumps everyone else’s Valentine’s Day idea.

The bottle design feels perfect for Valentine’s Day without being overly Valentine’s Day.
It’s true, I actually didn’t think about that. I’m not super well-versed on wine. When I go and buy wines I get super swayed by how things look. I feel like this bottle pops really well.

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You said the design is about hanging out with your friends, but your time is limited. So how often do you actually do it?
I try to squeeze it in at all times throughout the week, even if it’s 40 minutes during the day. Humberto [Leon, the cofounder of Opening Ceremony ], and I’ll sneak out and grab dim sum. So much inspiration comes from that dialogue. I wouldn’t say I get to do it as much as I’d like to, because before we’d go out every night, but at least a couple of times a week I like to catch up with different people. It helps nourish the brain, and is good to decompress.


If someone looked at your personal Pinterest board what would they find that you’re really into?They would find that I’m super into anything home related, because 10 months ago we moved to Brooklyn and we’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about each thing we put in [our home]. So that’s been fun.

What’s the most romantic gesture that’s happened to you lately?
When someone takes the time to make you something, that’s pretty meaningful, because not only does it require a lot of thought, but it’s both personal and it’s actually someone’s time. My husband made me a very large volume book of every text message and photo we sent each other during the first year we were dating. It’s huge! Like 900 pages but it’s pretty amazing.

With OC and Kenzo, you’re always on the go. What’s a tool or mantra that helps you get it all done?
For us, honestly it’s about having fun along the way. When we are traveling abroad, if we’re in a car going to a meeting and we pass a store and are like, ‘Oh that looks interesting,’ we always stop for 10 minutes and squeeze it in. We’re really of the motto that even if it’s 10 minutes, stop and try to enjoy something.

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