President Obama is really trying to make community college free for students in the United States, and while that's all well and good, we can't help but think American students could get more bang for their (free) buck elsewhere.

And where might "elsewhere" be? How about Europe? Or Brazil?

Many of the countries listed below offer higher education with little to no cost to American students. Many of the countries' universities also have programs in English, so have no fear about those pesky language barriers.



Although Sweden's undergraduate and masters degree programs are not free for international students, the country's public universities offer free PhD programs to qualified international students. Maybe it's time to get a doctorate? Shouldn't be too hard, right?


Norway offers free college education at every degree level to international students. That free degree however might be offset by Norway's extremely high cost of living, where a bottle of water will cost you at least $2.50 USD.


No money, no problem. Germany will welcome international students with open arms to it's tuition free universities that also offer programs in English. So not only can you be devoid of money to go to school there, you can also be devoid of German.


Although this country may offer a free education to international students (as well as a ton of programs in English), don't expect the Finnish government to give you a free lunch. Literally. The government of Finland emphasizes that although their schools might be free, living expenses are anything but.


Although we doubt that you will be able to focus on your studies in the literal paradise that is Brazil, we imagine that the free education and multitude of programs offered in English would be quite the incentive to head down south.


Sure, none of their universities are highly ranked (or ranked at all), but who in the US would know that? Psh. You can enroll at any one of the state universities in Slovenia and pay close to nothing.

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