People are snorting chocolate to get high at parties

Apparently, cocoa powder has become the new party drug of choice.

People seem to be in love with the cocoa.


Cocaine and ecstasy pills have always been a part of the hardcore club scene, but now club kids in Europe are turning to a new type of “nose candy” — in the form of cocoa powder.


According to the Daily Mail, there’s a rave party in Berlin that keeps the beat going into the early hours of the morning courtesy of raw chocolate in the form of a drink, pill or powder.


The “Lucid” party at Alchemy & Eros in Berlin is allegedly a chocolate-fueled rave that has bitter Balinese cacao — fused drinks on their menu, according to the news siteOzy.


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When snorted, users get a rush of endorphins that produce a more natural high. Some people have said that snorting cocoa is replacing other popular drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, flavavnol — a compound substance found in cocoa — can improve cognitive function and blood circulation.

The effects of snorting raw cocoa could make these effects more pronounced and could cause the sensation of feeling high.

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While partygoers claim they are getting high on cocoa, The Independent claims snorting cocoa does not produce any hallucinogenic side effects and the perceived effects are a placebo.

Apparently, people have been getting high off chocolate for years. In 2007, Dominique Persoone created a device called the “Chocolate Shooter” that allows users to snort the perfect hit of the sweet brown powder. In a video, Persoone claims that mixing the chocolate powder with mint and ginger "really opens up your nose." He says he created the device for a Rolling Stones party in 2007, according to the Daily Mail.

If you think snorting chocolate is a weird trend, there are plenty of other products people have claimed to get a buzz from snorting. They are:

  • Smarties candy
  • Fun Dip candy
  • Adderall
  • Nutmeg
  • Catnip
  • Bath salts
  • Crystal Light drink powder
  • Dramamine
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