The Holodeck may not be quite as far away as we thought. The Holodeck may not be quite as far away as we thought. / Credit: Sony

It's obvious that the only reason any of us got into this technology thing is to one day experience the glory of something like "Star Trek"'s Holodeck. For years, it seemed as though that kind of fully immersive VR experience would happen long after we had passed from this Earth. That might not be the case! Virtual reality eyewear devices are becoming all the rage. First the Oculus Rift brought this kind of tech to the PC and now Sony is bringing it to the PS4.

It's currently called Project Morpheus, which won't be the final name. Here's how it works: You slip your head into the device and suddenly you are transported to a virtual world. Wherever you move your head in real life, your avatar moves their head, thus adjusting your vision. There is also an external camera involved which tracks your hand movement, so you could be holding a virtual sword or a pizza slice or something (probably not a pizza slice).

Early reports indicate that the device works surprisingly well. Some of the demos shown off had people storming a medieval castle and hanging out underwater with a bunch of sharks. Sounds cool right? Unfortunately, these won't be coming to store shelves until at least 2015.


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