With the Fourth of July just around the corner and the weather finally
heating up to create ideal weather for barbecuing, cooking web site CHOW wants you to get
a little innovative while grilling traditional hot dogs.

How? Simple: Cut them into spirals.

By using this method, you can better ensure that your hot dog cooks thoroughly and to the core, while also exposing more of the meat to
the grill to create a satisfying, charred exterior. Since the curly Frankfurter now has an elastic quality, you can stretch or shrink your
hot dog to perfectly fit your bun. More unwieldy toppings like
relish and chopped onions tend to settle into the crevices of the spiral
cut, allowing you to better eat the flavor combination you desire all
at once with your hot dog.

Conversely, there's something
that seems inherently sacrilegious about skewering your wiener into a
DNA helix-like piece of meat. Because the hot dog now comprises a
thinner strand of meat, it's undoubtedly more fragile and likely to
break either during the grilling or while being served. Check out this demonstration, and let us know your thoughts on this important topic:


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