Urban Yogi KidBox Urban Yogi KidBox


Being a parent in New York City is, well, different.


That’s what led one husband-and-wife pair to create special boxes with products just for New York families.


The company, Lalaalu, was created by spouses Nik Ruarel and Soniya Sheth after they encountered life in New York with two kids under seven years old.


Parents need advice, they realized, and they can also benefit from delivered, curated products. And so they created KidBoxes, which come in three different age groups: Baby, Toddler and BigKid. A smaller miniKidBox is available starting at $20.


The revolving themed boxes are created with chefs, designers and artists who are all parents living in the city.

The newest box, the Urban Yogi, includes a kid-sized yoga mat, bumblebee shirt, snacks and blocks that show yoga positions.

The company creates a new KidBox theme every two months.