Nearly half of all graduating seniors will never read a book again. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Nearly half of all graduating seniors will never read a book again.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Over 1.5 million college students graduated this year, packing away their books and embarking out into the real world.

A recent study by the Jenkins Group reveals that nearly half of the class of 2014 will never read a book again.

Chad Lovell wants to change that. Lovell is the co-founder of, a search engine that lists available classes all over the world. Lovell is currently taking 30 classes in 30 days in order to encourage lifelong learning.


We recently caught up with Lovell as he was heading home from a busy afternoon at class.

How was class today? What did you end up taking?

I took a class on day trading stocks and trading options. I’ve done a little trading on my own, so I was a little skeptical going in [about whether I would learn much]. But we were talking about stuff we can do and all of the different options. I’m learning new stuff all of the time.

Every class I go to, I tell people what I’m doing and they say, ‘That’s awesome.’

How did you pick the classes you would take over the course of the month?

I wanted it to be something that benefits me and that would add value to my business. Half of the classes are concentrated on professional development. I’m also taking classes for my personal benefit. I started power lifting and working on core strength last year, and I’m taking a pole fitness class, which is interesting because I’m often the only guy there.

How did you to come up with the idea for the 30 in 30 Learning Challenge?

I’ve always been an intellectually inclined person. The world around us is accelerating, and it’s changing faster and faster. If you don’t invest in yourself, you are going to be left behind.

What have you learned personally while doing the project?

Learning is invigorating. It is a bit exhausting running a company and taking all of these classes at the same time, but I am trying to show people that it is possible and that it’s important to invest in yourself.

Your company Allclasses lists all sorts of courses and learning opportunities. What are the topics people seem to be interested in the most?

It’s all across the board. We have 3000 different topics that people search for. Coding classes and programs like JavaScript are popular. Our users are also really interested in marketing classes.

What’s the best reason to take a class?

No one likes to be boring. ... It makes you more interesting. I’m taking a CPR certification class too, and that could potentially save a life.

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