According to a recent study, store brand cereal is just as good as the big brand names. / Getty Images. According to a recent study, many store brand cereals are just as good as the big brand names. Credit: Getty Images

You might just be paying for the brand name when you buy high-fiber cereal, according to a recent study by Consumer Reports.

The study shows that Target’s Market Pantry Frosted Shredded Wheat and Walmart’s Great Value Raisin Bran earned the honor of Consumer Report’s Best Buys, overtaking big brand products such as Kellogg’s and Post.

“The taste of fiber-rich cereals has come a long way,” Maxine Siegel, food testing team leader at Consumer Reports, said in a release. “In our latest tests, we found that you can buy shredded wheat and raisin bran by price, not name brand, and still expect similar quality in taste and nutrition.”


Twenty-six store-brand cereals were tested, with 18 tasting “very good” or “better.” Out of those 18, 11 rated “very good” or “excellent” in terms of nutrition.

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