sdf Credit: Wiki Commons Tuesday mornings are the most common sexting time.
Credit: Wiki Commons

What's the dullest point of the week? According to a new study, people seem to feel that their Tuesday mornings are most in need of a special boost.

As Betabeat reports, the study polled 4,800 people to find that the most sexting takes place on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to noon. Presumably, this time slot could symbolize that point of highest strain when you're biking uphill - Mondays are still relatively easy, since you've had a full weekend of rest and gravity hasn't weighed you down yet, while by Wednesdays you've reached the top of the hump and it's all downhill from there. On Tuesday mornings, though, the whole day still stretches ahead far ahead in the distance, not to mention the entire week. What could better give your day a boost of momentum than a nice Tuesday morning sext?

The study was conducted by Retina-X studios, a company that develops monitoring software.


It also found that iPhone users sext almost twice as often as Android users. Maybe the iPhone just has a more flattering front-facing camera or a better looking resolution. We'll have to see if this changes with the release of the iPhone 6, which is slated to have a larger screen than its previous versions.

Just watch out if your colleague shows up late to your next Tuesday morning meeting.

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