Ray Ban Brand Name
Photo: Getty Images

What’s in a (brand) name?

Sure, there’s Skype, the abridged version of “Sky Peer to Peer.” Then there’s TiVo, the clever pairing of TV with “i” and “o” for input and output, respectively. And how about Hotmail, a slick way to merge HTML with, well, mail?

Bet you never realized the story behind “Ray-Ban” was equally straightforward. Well, according to a recent report in “Cosmopolitan,” the sunglass giant gets its name from the shades’ function: banning rays from the sun. Hence, Ray-Ban. Kicking yourself for missing the oh-so-obvious yet? Us too.

Turns out, the company conceived the brand’s original Aviator design when a pilot requested they create sunglasses that would prevent sunlight from damaging his eyes while flying. Quickly, the slick-looking shades caught on because they were not only fashionable with their sleek design, but also function. They  — yes, again — banned the rays from the sun effectively.


Our minds are still blown from the news — how did we not figure that out years ago?! — and we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that this summer the fabled name of Ray-Ban makes it to a barroom trivia game near us.

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