upside down bikinis are the new trend
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Bikinis are often difficult enough to get into, thanks to all the strings, straps and other accessories, but a new Instagram trend managed to make the whole bikini-wearing process a lot worse by creating the upside down bikini.

An upside down bikini is exactly what it sounds like: A bikini top worn upside down so the straps that typically go over the neck are nestled underneath the breasts — and the bottom chest strap is the only barrier between a relaxing day at the beach and a wardrobe malfunction.


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Why are upside down bikinis a thing?

Why is anything popular on Instagram? Someone posts a photo, caption and hashtags, others copy it — rinse and repeat until it’s a certifiable trend.

The upside down bikinis trend was apparently pioneered by Italian model Valentina Fradegrada. The stunner posted some photos wearing an upside down bikini top and it took off — so much so that she launched an "official" upside down bikini page.

The benefits of upside down bikinis, according to fans, is that it gives an "instant boob job" to anyone who dares to wear the trend.

Others have blasted the trend as "possibly the stupidest thing I’ve seen all day" and lament that their breasts "would fall into the hole" if they tried the trend, exposing them to the world.

Regardless of your views on upside down bikinis, one thing’s for sure: This is definitely a look you’d want to sport only when you’re lounging around the pool or on the beach. It’s probably not the most supportive top for a game of sand volleyball, unless you’re on a nude beach.

But if you like the upside down bikinis look, rock it! And don’t forget to post photos on Instagram to document the experience.

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