Boy playing football Even if your kids aren't big football fans, they'll still love the indoor obstacle courses at the museum's exhibit.
Credit: Colourbox

Your kids might not fully appreciate the game, commercials or chicken wings you'll be enjoying on Super Bowl Sunday, but they can still experience some football fun with the Children's Museum of Manhattan's new NFL exhibit. "You Make the Call: Learn to be an NFL Official" is an interactive exhibit giving kids a look into the world of professional football.

There are football inspired indoor obstacle courses, a look back at how the uniforms have changed and even a sneak peek inside the NFL control room in Manhattan where the games are monitored. Kids can also play the role of referee, watching replays of past games and asked what call they would make before seeing what was done in real life.


Whether you want to teach your kids about football or just want to get them out of the apartment while still staying someplace warm, it's the perfect snowy day activity. The exhibit starts tomorrow and ends at the end of February. Click here for more details.

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