Mad couple Most couples report that the "loss of a spark" killed their relationship. Credit: Getty Images

A new survey reveals that a loss of "spark" is one of the top reasons for breakups of long term relationships, followed by infidelity and money woes.

The survey, conducted by, quizzed American adults to find out more about the financial implications of break-ups, as part of ongoing research into personal finances and the impact on day-to-day lives.


Nearly 2,500 Americans took part in the study, with an equal split between men and women, all of whom had been involved in the break-up of a relationship that had lasted at least two years.

These relationships had all ended within the past year. Here's why:

1. The ‘spark’ was no longer there – 51%
2. Infidelity – 34%
3. Arguments over money issues – 33%
4. Personality differences became too much – 19%
5. One of us fell for someone new – 18%

Cash strapped

The respondents who had selected ‘arguments over money worries’ as an influencing factor were selected for further questioning by the study and asked what the main financial issues were which had caused the arguments.

The responses revealed that 48 percent disagreed about ‘over-spending,’ where one person spent more than the other. Over a quarter, 27 percent, said ‘fear of debt’ was prominent, while one in five, 20 percent, admitted to clashing over the ‘division of bills’.

“In the current economic climate, money is a huge influencing factor in our lives, whether we like it or not," Matthew Wood, CEO of "While many might hate the thought of money governing their relationship, there’s often no escaping a relationship that’s impacted by our income and it’s inevitable that it will interfere with it to some extent.”

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