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Survival tips: Off-campus moving day

Sure, off-campus housing offers plenty of things you didn't have in the dorms. Like leases, landlords, security deposits, furniture purchasing, and much more! Check out these survival tips to make your first off-campus move-in a pleasant one.

It’s that time again- back to school season. According to the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics, 19.7 million students are enrolled in college this year many of them are choosing to live off-campus.

However, along with R.A.s and shared bathrooms, those student helpers wearing neon t-shirts on moving day are also a thing of the past. Yep, you’re on your on for moving day this year. Here’s a few survival tips to help you (and your parents) get through the most dreaded day of the year.

1. Drink water. Move-in day is going to be hot. You’ll no doubt be climbing stairs or stuffing yourself into crowded elevators (if you’re lucky). And think of your poor dad who thinks he can still move a dresser up three flights by himself. Do your whole family a favor and make sure everyone is hydrated.

2. Stretch properly. No, you’re not about to do a triathlon, but you’d be surprised at the muscles you’re using on move-in day…..muscles you probably didn’t know you even had. A limber mover is a happy mover, so just give yourself a minute to stretch and save yourself from the sore muscle shuffle the next morning. Make sure your parents do this too!

3. Consider furniture rental. No more bunk beds and wooden desks, you’re on your own to furnish your off-campus housing. Splitting furniture costs with roommates can be tricky when the lease is up and you have to decide who takes what. Furniture rental could also cut down on moving expenses by eliminating the need for a moving truck. CORT, a furniture rental company, touts packages starting at $99 a month.

4. Take pictures. Assuming you inspected the place before signing the lease, you also need to take photos before filling it with your stuff. Welcome to the world of landlords! In a few weeks, you won’t remember if that giant gash in the drywall was there before you moved in. This is why you need photos of the initial condition of the place. You don’t want to get robbed of your security deposit down the road and charged for damage you didn’t cause.

5. Be patient. There’s a lot going on during move-in day. Traffic, heat, negotiating furniture arrangement with other roommates, possible dehydration… it’s a jungle out there! Just remember you’re all in this together. Be kind to your parents. They’re there to help, and saying goodbye isn’t always easy.

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