Winter is but a distant memory and everything from the tulips in the park, to the people strolling in it seem to be blooming with color.

Perhaps in the midst of your spring cleaning you've realized that your home seems to be the last thing to blossom. Where's the color? Where's the excitement and personality?
We hit up Susan Hable, cofounder of bright, cheery textile brand, Hable Construction, and author of the new cocktail table book, "A Colorful Home," to find out how to add some personality to our neutral homes.
How can city dwellers revamp their drab apartments?
“I had a couple of those kinds of apartments and most of the time they were tiny so I always bought art. Art is a great way to bring in color, and so are accessories in general. Decorative pillows or books really change how a room feels.”

What do you say to people terrified of color?
“I would say go to an art store and buy some blank canvases and pick a color that you love, and just hang a pair of colored canvases in your living room. Then maybe add a book or some accent that reflects that color in the room. [Next] get three things in your room that just speak to that color.”
What is the most difficult color?
“I have a hard time working with red. I feel like it causes people's blood pressure to go up. It's an active color to be engulfed in. If you're a real risk taker red might be right for you. I consider myself a very colorful person, but I've rarely ever used red.”
Where do you start?
I always say that you need your floor covering first. When we moved into my house I barely had any furniture because we had had a two bedroom apartment in New York. We couldn't go and furnish our whole house. We didn't have the budget to go out and buy a whole lot of things all at once. Which is better because it's almost like collecting, and then your home winds up looking what you're trying to say.

Susan Hable will be signing copies of her book “A Colorful Home” at John Derian Company (6 East Second Street) on June 18th. Find out more info at

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